Next generation website QA


A free, open-source Piazza alternative


Browser automation for Deno fans

Lino Cloud Services

A really simple set of cloud service offerings


E2E encrypted chat with certain privacy guarantees

Chat Speedrun

Any% chat speedrun (PB is <1:30:00)

Invisible Ink

Need to send a one time message to someone? Boy have you found the right place


A small todo-list website with a focus on simplicity

Netsaur MNIST

A demo of a (bad) netsaur model trained on the MNIST dataset

Discord Spellcast Solver

A website that demonstrates Svelte and also ruins Spellcast night with friends


A blazingly fast static-site generator to help you ship beautiful documentation in no time

Cookie DB

CookieDB is the world's most developer friendly database platform.

Can I CLI?

A site to check if your cli tool name has already been taken.


Another io game with the lovely @Oleks


A small voxel game demo. Written from scratch with threeJS and rapier.


A khanacademy program viewer and editor.


My attempt at making a half-decent search engine


The world's first form service that works for you. Make beautiful forms quickly, with all of the power and flexibility you'll ever need.

Smoll Physics

A small, unstable physics engine built to test my physics ability.

Dungeon Crawler

A quote unquote game, that is really just a demo for a physics engine.

Dinosaur Game ML

A small ML5.js demo to show off the power of ML on the web.

Browser OS

A demonstration of how powerful modern browsers have become. Probably works best with chrome.

Ultimate Connect Four

A small multiplayer connect 4 game that was made for Lancerhacks

Elemental 5

The continuation of Elemental 3 by Carykh and Elemental 4 by Dave. A solid demonstration of the idea of a fullstack project. An amazing demo project to check someone's skill. Video explaining history of the game coming soon.

Emoji Maker

Make your own custom tweemoji style emojis!


My first io-style game! Made with @Oleks


I used to do most of my visualizations on Khanacademy.