Duno.land - A new project.

A while back, I wrote an article about how Deno works. Deno still isn't ready.

I say that in the nicest possible way. I love it when I get to use it, but I don't get to use it often. I'll give an example of why.

Using Deno is scary

Despite me being a huge advocate for Deno, I still don't feel comfortable risking a project on it.

When I was working for Gated, I had to build a chrome extension that required a backend of some sort. Since I was working alone on this project, I was able to learn some new stuff instead of using the old and reliable "react + node" stack.

For the frontend, I picked SolidJS, which was new to me but looked similar enough to React that I felt comfortable jumping in. I considered Vue or Svelte instead but I disagree with Vue on a philosophical level and Svelte still doesn't have the community needed for such an ambitious framework.

When I got to the backend, I toyed around with bun.sh but it crashed almost instantly, and it doesn't quite support node modules yet in the way it claims it will. After that experience, I was going to go use Deno like I always have and went looking for the modules I needed. For this specific project, I had a non-negotiable need for airtable. The official airtable module obviously didn't work (much of the project hasn't been touched for over 2 years), and the community made one had a really weird quirk where it only supported one table per client?

To make a long story short, I couldn't in good faith use Deno for this project. I ended up just using a standard node project, despite my best efforts to try something new.

What is duno.land

Duno.land is my best attempt at getting these stumbling blocks in one place, as a resource for the community to see if there are going to be any hiccups in a project they are planning. I'm going to copy-paste the mission statement from the site:

The javascript community, and I personally, really want to see Deno succeed. This site is not intended to "dunk" on Deno in any way. It's simply my way of listing what I see as its current shortcomings and what I hope it can improve on.

Please star the repo if you can. PRs and issues would be phenomenal.

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