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Hi there

I'm Lino Le Van, an independent developer who mostly contributes to open source projects in my free time.

  • ☁️ My personal projects are always fluctating. Check out ~/projects on my site for my most recent stuff!
  • 🦀 I'm learning Rust to build speedy applications
  • 🦕 I'm having fun contributing to Deno
  • 💻 Ask me about Discord or Software Preservation
  • 😄 Pronouns: He/Him

Recent Thoughts

@linolevan 6/2/2024

Saying 👋 to Cohost from Think browser!

@linolevan 5/29/2024

Happy to see that cohost is still alive... at least for now

@linolevan 4/4/2024

The world doesn't have enough web frameworks.

@linolevan 3/22/2024

cohost is pretty cool